Mimosa pudica Seeds (Sensitive Plant) Fresh & Organic Pink Perennial Flower Seeds


Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica), also known as touch-me-not or shrinking violet, is a fascinating plant species renowned for its unique response to touch. The delicate fern-like leaves fold inward and droop when disturbed, visually mimicking a shrinking motion. This intriguing adaptation has earned it the name “sensitive plant.” Typically growing to a mature height of 1 to 2 feet, it produces vibrant pink puffball-shaped flowers. Sensitive Plant can be grown as an annual in USDA hardiness zones 9-13, but in cooler regions, it can be cultivated as a houseplant. Mimosa pudica seeds are easily available and can be germinated for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

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Mimosa pudica Seeds (Sensitive Plant)

Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica), also known as touch-me-not or shrinking violet, is a fascinating plant species renowned for its unique response to touch. The delicate fern-like leaves fold inward and droop when disturbed, visually mimicking a shrinking motion. This intriguing adaptation has earned it the name “sensitive plant.” Typically growing to a mature height of 1 to 2 feet, it produces vibrant pink puffball-shaped flowers. Sensitive Plant can be grown as an annual in USDA hardiness zones 9-13, but in cooler regions, it can be cultivated as a houseplant. Mimosa pudica seeds are easily available and can be germinated for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Growing Mimosa pudica from Seed

  • Growth cycle: Perennial
  • Watering: Medium
  • Sunlight: Low Sun
  • Suitable climates: Arid, Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet & Dry
  • Where to grow: Indoor And Outdoors
  • Flower color: Pink

Germinating Sensitive Plant Flower Seeds

To germinate Mimosa pudica seeds, scarify the hard seed coat by lightly scratching the surface with sandpaper, and then soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Plant the seeds in well-drained soil, keep them moist, and provide warmth and light to promote germination.

We source all of our Mimosa pudica seeds from a small greenhouse facility based in southeastern Maine and store them in a dark, temperature-controlled environment before shipment. You’ll find that our fresh Sensitive Plant seeds are much easier to germinate than the mass-produced packets of flower seeds found in stores! If you have any trouble growing Sensitive Plant seeds, we’re happy to send you additional gardening tips. In the (unlikely) event that your Mimosa pudica seeds do not germinate at all, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Shipping & returns

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510 reviews for Mimosa pudica Seeds (Sensitive Plant) Fresh & Organic Pink Perennial Flower Seeds

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Thank you now to plant yeah

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    I received the seeds quickly thanks

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    Seeds look great! I’m excited to grow this plant out!

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    Fast Shipping! Packaged very well! Thank you!

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    Just what I was looking for, 2 of 8 sprouted within a week.

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    Quick delivery and can’t wait for them to grow!

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    I received my seeds and I can’t wait to see them grow.

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    Received my seedlings earlier than expected and in perfect condition. After 4 days of planting the seeds I started to see then sprouting!

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    Arrived quickly in an envelope, with instructions included. Great price!

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    starts were successful when following instructions. Thank you!

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    Thank you 😊 I soaked some and they sprouted. My grandbabies can’t wait to touch them.

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    I just received these yesterday. I’m going to plant them this evening and we shall see how it goes!

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    Fast shipping and great supplier. Thanks

  26. Elisabeth (verified owner)

    Received expected quality, most of them were sprouted. Good seller

  27. Jordan (verified owner)

    I am so happy! The seeds just sprouted it took almost a month but they’re happy and growing!

  28. Shelby (verified owner)

    I’ve already got sprouts growing and i planted them only a week ago

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  30. Woof’s (verified owner)

    I can’t wait for them to sprout!
    The instructions are so clear and they arrived much sooner than I excepted

  31. Katie (verified owner)

    Only tried a few seeds but they are growing. Quick delivery.

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    I have not planted them yet, but the seeds arrived and look healthy. Excited f9r this project!

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    Quick shipping and good seeds

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    Very good product will be shopping with them again .

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    USPS unfortunately lost my first package in the mail, but he resent me a new bag no questions asked! I just received my new bag of seeds the other day and am very excited to see them sprout 😇🌱

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    Seeds came in good condition, but I still need to try an germinate them. I would recommend this shop.

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    Seeds look great and I appreciate the instructions that came with. I’ll update in a few weeks to let yall know if they have sprouted.

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    Good good good good good

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    Received all my seeds and already have a couple that have sprouted <3 very happy with my purchase. Is a plant that brings back good memories from my childhood 🙂

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    Received on time, I have only planted 10 and two came up!

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    Love this plant! Package got lost in the mail and seller immediately sent out a new one. Great customer service.

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    Arrived quickly! Great quality seeds! I soaked just a few overnight, and they all sprouted! Very inexpensive thanks!

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    The seeds look to be good quality. I haven’t planted them yet but everything looks in order. Update, I followed directions and now the seeds have started sprouting.

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    First package I guess got lost in the mail, so the user replaced it immediately and it arrived today. Thank you!

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    I am so excited to get my seeds started! Michael was super quick to respond to a cross country shipping mishap (not the seller’s fault at all) and also gave me some extra and excellent planting advice! Thank you so much!

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    Great thank you! The seeds came with instructions which was handy, I’ll be waiting to see how fast they sprout!

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    Haven’t planted yet, but I’m very happy with the service-when I didn’t receive the seeds the first time I reached out and got very fast response. Now I did receive a replacement and the seeds look in good condition. Hope they will sprout just fine!

  79. Heather (verified owner)

    Received fast all good seeds! I would reorder!

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    Instructions are perfect and clear! My little one is starting to sprout only after three days! I imagine its other seed friends will follow soon. So cute!

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    Excellent seller, quick to respond to issues and offer solutions. Replaced lost in the mail seeds immediately. Thank you.

  91. amy (verified owner)

    Seller was so kind to send me replacement seeds when mine were lost in the mail, and when I received them they were padded well but just as an added precaution the seller added a note saying they would replace the seeds if the post office sent the envelope through the roller on accident. Very thoughtful and thorough, thank you!

  92. Julia (verified owner)

    Very prompt and attentive customer service. Friendly, professional seller—highly recommended! The seeds are beautiful and I can’t wait to start them germinating! 🙂

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    My initial order got lost in the mail, but they sent a new order right away after contacting and I even got extra seeds in the second shipment! I can’t wait to watch these grow!

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    Well pleased with purchase ! Thank you!

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  102. Madeline Ophus (verified owner)

    Arrived sooner than expected! The majority of the seeds I have planted have germinated, I planted about 25 and only 2 haven’t germinated. I planted them 2 days ago so that may change. Otherwise quality product with fast shipping!

  103. Sara (verified owner)

    The envelope came without any issues and the seeds inside were nicely packaged in a small bag with instructions for germinating.

  104. Robert (verified owner)

    Sensitive plant seeds arrived quickly. Soon after I got them, I nicked the seed coat of 12 of the seeds and soaked them in warm water. All 12 had germinated by the next day.

  105. Corwyn (verified owner)

    USPS lost the first shipment, but a replacement was sent right away with no problems. Thank you!

  106. Samantha (verified owner)

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    I have not had the seeds planted for long but within two days I see some sprouting!!

  113. mrdvwn51anemz0xy (verified owner)

  114. Brenna (verified owner)

    I am not yet 2 weeks in after planting and all of the seeds I purchased have already sprouted, I am soo excited to watch them grow! Instructions were very clear to follow. Will purchase again, thank you!!

  115. Rae (verified owner)

  116. noeme (verified owner)

    haven’t started sprouting yet and it’s been a while 🙁 but many seeds in pack so happy with that

  117. Malea (verified owner)

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    i dont think it was organic and fresh I tried everything online even tried to peel it with my fingers so no damage would be done never germinated

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    Great service and seeds as usual! Repeating customer here and I’ll be back for more!

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    Well packaged, thank you so much!!
    I just planted them. 🙂

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    Item is great and communication is wonderful. Thank you so much

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    The seller was very friendly and informative. I received a duplicate order by mistake with the system (no fault of my own or the merchant) and seller was nice enough to let me keep it!

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    My seeds came, took awhile but they came today and nicely packed in the envelope in a bag with a paper towel to cover them and was tucked in the paper

  136. Avn Josh (verified owner)

    Seeds took a while to arrive, but totally worth it. More seeds than I needed, and I expect them to stay viable for a long time. Using a combination of sandpaper scarring and overnight soaking, I got 100% of seeds to germinate after only 4 days. The first true leaves (after cotyledons) are sensitive to touch. Here’s how the plants look now that they’re about 3 weeks old. Overall, I’m satisfied. This is definitely one of the plants you want to grow from seed yourself.

  137. kylee (verified owner)

  138. John (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived well packaged, included detailed growing instructions. Thank you!

  139. Hannah Winkler (verified owner)

    Great seeds! Had a fun time planting them.

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    Top tier customer service!! My seeds got lost in the mail, so the seller sent another packet of seeds in the mail and offered a full refund if I didn’t get the second packet!! Thankfully, I got the seeds and a refund wasn’t needed! It was very thoughtful of the seller to go out of their way to help me get the package!! If I ever need to buy more seeds, I’ll definitely shop from here again!! 1000/10 review

  142. Johan (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my delivery but it turned out to be a misunderstanding with my local postal service. however the guys at Magicplant exchange helped me out and were efficient with their reponds. I can’t wait to see my seeds sproud. 🌱

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    As always great seeds, great seller.

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    They were delivered securely and in a timely manner

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    Seeds came in great condition! Excited to see them grow, thank you!

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    Sprouted in 4 days, let them sit in almost boiling water and cool overnight before planting

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    Arrived safely and on time, just waiting for the seeds to start germinating <3

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    Best seller ever. I have had great success in germnating the seeds. Can’t wait to use the seeds and plants in our next science project.

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    Thank you so much. I received seeds safe and sound. I cant wait. Thank you again for re-sending.

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    Seller was very kind and accommodating. After my first purchase got lost in the mail they did not hesitate to send me another one promptly. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again.

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    These seeds I purchased for a dear friend who grows them for classroom programs. I thought that she would enjoy them as mush as I do.

  166. Spike (verified owner)

    fast shipping, would highly recommend

  167. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

    I do not get these seeds for me personly, but for a friend, who raises these plants for her school programs, and we have had really good germination from these seeds over the years.

  168. Sara (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived in great shape, look forward to seeing if anything sprouts up!

  169. Shannon (verified owner)

    I have been germinating them a few at a time, and many of them have successfully sprouted

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    Packaged carefully, arrived quickly, would buy from again.

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    Haven’t planted them yet tbh but the first ones went missing/stolen so he replaced them for free 🙃

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    Packaged nicely and shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Excited to start my seeds! Thank you!

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    quality of item .. so far good
    description …looks like the seeds
    exspectations …well if they sprout that willl be great dont know yet

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    They arrived!! Thank you!!

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    I received them and they weren’t damaged or anything. Only losing one star because not even half of them ended up germinating but I’m still gonna keep trying with them.. hoping more germinate..

  184. Samantha (verified owner)

  185. Kelsey (verified owner)

    I put the seeds in a cup of warm water and waited for them to grow tails before putting them in soil and it worked really well the tallest one is 10 days old.

  186. Cindy (verified owner)

    Lots of seeds, perfect packaging with special message on the front for post office and detailed growing instructions. Now the rest is up to me! Thanks SOOO much! Hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

  187. Sign in with Apple user (verified owner)

    My little mimosa’s are doing fantastic. Good germination rate too!

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    Seeds sprouted promptly. Good instructions, great price. Very happy. Would purchase again.

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    Great Customer Service, I will do business again with them

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    Seeds grew right away great Florida native

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    Anticipated delivery date came and went. Seeds finally arrived today.

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    I have grown these plants for years and decided to purchase some for my friend.

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    Seeds arrived super fast with clear instructions on how to best germinate them. My seeds have sprouted and I am super happy with this purchase!

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    Thank you for fast shipping!

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    The seeds grew days after following directions given by seller. Will definitely order again! Not all seeds were alive but that’s obviously to be expected. 95% grew so im satisfied.

  228. eddie (verified owner)

  229. Emilie (verified owner)

  230. Muhammad (verified owner)

    Very Nice person. My shipment was delayed. I notified him. He gave me the option of return or replacement. I chooses replacement. He sent me right away. Really very nice experience.
    Excellent service!

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    Thank you Michael for the quick customer service. He was quick to ship out a replacement☺️ I can’t wait to update with the final results!

    Update** results after planting all 50 seeds.

  233. Erika (verified owner)

    Seeds came quickly! Just as ordered!

  234. Doug (verified owner)

    Great, thanks. I have to write extra words here

  235. Charlie (verified owner)

    They arrived safe and sound super smart to send them in a envelope. I’m so excited to plant them!

  236. Sarah (verified owner)

    They came in perfect shape and I loved instructions on how to get them so they grow better because I’ve been struggling with that and no one’s ever sent me instructions like that I really appreciate it. And also she tells you what to do on the envelope if something should happen to your seed’s will be buying again 💯😁💞

  237. hollie (verified owner)

  238. Shannon (verified owner)

    the seeds arrived really quickly. None of the ones I have tried to plant have germinated, but that is most likely due to user error. I will be ordering more and trying again

  239. Sean (verified owner)

  240. megralpha (verified owner)

  241. Prabhavathi (verified owner)

    Thanks! for sending the replacement. Appreciate your quick response.

  242. Ally (verified owner)

  243. Manjiri (verified owner)

    It works!!!

    I followed the method by ‘epic gardening’ on YouTube and in 3 days they had sprouted/ germinated. I sowed the seeds and within a day they grew.

    I’m very happy with the results!

  244. mayte (verified owner)

    Amazing! Came perfectly packaged and they are incredibly helpful to answer any questions you may have.

  245. Gaby (verified owner)

  246. KhanUsman (verified owner)

  247. Marlon palmer (verified owner)

  248. Cedar (verified owner)

    i’ve had no issue growing these. it looks like almost every seed sprouted. super great quality!!

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    All very straight forward

  251. starskee123 (verified owner)

  252. Lauren (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions in the package, and they were very helpful! The ones that grew grew very fast but so far only 30% of them have sprouted after 5ish days under a grow light. To be fair, this is my first time really growing them, so grain of salt.

  253. Ryan (verified owner)

    Only 2 of the seeds germinated. But one of them is variegated. So that’s kinda neat.

  254. Pahri (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and looks good!

  255. Gregory (verified owner)

    hard to germinate, but worth the effort.

  256. Chris (verified owner)

    I removed the outer layer of the seeds easily by hand then put the seeds in some perlite and peat in a bag close to a grow light. The seeds germinated in about 3 days and have been growing since. This plant is awesome!

  257. Skylar (verified owner)

    The seller was super kind and generous. When I screwed up on my first batch, they gave me new ones. I’m super happy with my little sprouts. Thank you so much! ❤❤

  258. maxzelaya1 (verified owner)

  259. wolflord196 (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted ^w^

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  265. Lauren (verified owner)

  266. Kennedy (verified owner)

    Seeds came with good clear instructions on how to germinate them, and came in two baggies in case any seeds escaped. It also comes with a clear warning as henbane is toxic.

  267. Dani Lynn (verified owner)

    The seeds came package in bubble wrap and arrived safe. I also like that it came with instructions on how to plant them. The owner of the shop was helpful and very pleasant when I had a question. Will buy from them again!!

  268. gracie (verified owner)

  269. Katrina (verified owner)

    This plant is everywhere in the Philippines, technically a weed there! I miss the sight of it so I decided to buy some seeds. I bought some last year but didn’t get the chance to plant them until 2 months ago. It germinated in just 2-3 days! So I decided to buy some more. I just threw the seeds after I took them from its pods. The pic is showing day 4 after planting them. I keep the pot in a sunny spot and keep the soil slightly moist.

  270. Sarah (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to plant these! The seller was nice and very communicative and helpful. Shipping was fast and seeds looked great!

  271. A J (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to plant these seeds

  272. Hattie (verified owner)

    I don’t know if this is a me thing, but i was only able to get like 3 of the seeds to germinate. the shipping took a while but it did come with good instructions

  273. Kate (verified owner)

    These arrived quickly. A great seller, everything comes in a timely manor. I misplaced the first order and had to get more. I’m still hoping I’ll find the first ones. I have followed the directions for planting and finally got them in the ground (well, in a pot). So many health benefits of Mimosa I’m looking forward to the mature plants.

  274. Despicable (verified owner)

    Seeds came quickly and looks to be high quality. Thank you!

  275. Jessica (verified owner)

  276. Deborah (verified owner)

  277. Terance (verified owner)

    very fast shipping. cant wait to start growing them.

  278. James (verified owner)

    Seeds looks good and arrived fast. Thanks

  279. tara (verified owner)

    Well packaged with instructions. Now just waiting for them to germinate!

  280. CraftsNd (verified owner)

    Good seeds and fast delivery.

  281. Ivie (verified owner)

  282. 0gabby1 (verified owner)

    Looks good, arrived in timely manner

  283. Lorie Dye (verified owner)

  284. Claudia (verified owner)

  285. Sherry (verified owner)

    The seeds came quickly and undamaged along with instructions. It’s been about 2 weeks and so far, 1 has already sprouted!

  286. Kayra (verified owner)

  287. Drew (verified owner)

  288. Clint (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived in a timely manner with good directions to help with germination

  289. Mary (verified owner)

    I am starting to get some plants we will see how I do lol.

  290. Eryn (verified owner)

  291. An (verified owner)

    about 20 have sprouted! I’m excited to see if they can go past that stage

  292. Shelbie (verified owner)

  293. Shannon (verified owner)

    So far so good! Seeds are soaking now and I’m planting them tomorrow. Fast shipping & packaged well. Thank you!

  294. Sign in with Apple user (verified owner)

  295. Jennifer (verified owner)

  296. Kathy (verified owner)

    I planted only 3 seeds real quick to see if something would sprout and 2 came up in 3 days. Very happy with the seeds. I planted them in wet coco coir. All three seeds germinated! Thank you for fresh seeds.

  297. Ace (verified owner)

    I love these guys, grew up playing with them as a kid (they’re weeds where I grew up!) Feels super nostalgic to have them. Didn’t plant the whole pack, but about 60% have germinated so far (still waiting on the others, sometimes it takes a while). It took a little over a week for the earliest sprouts and are about 1.5″ tall now (three weeks later).

  298. Chris Snyder (verified owner)

  299. Rebecca (verified owner)

  300. Fernando (verified owner)

    Very quick response to order question!

  301. Sam (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and it contained extra seeds, they just didn’t grow. This was probably due to user error rather than an issue with the seeds

  302. Stacey (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and cute packaging. The best part was the instructions that were included

  303. Dane (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and they seem on good shape. I hope they will sprout.

  304. Michelle sirles (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly. Seeds look great. Look forward to planting!

  305. Steven (verified owner)

    Great Mimosa pudica seeds! Went ahead and followed some instructions I found online for how to germinate the seeds, and many of them have germinated, sprouted, and are now growing well! Don’t expect them all to germinate, that’s just the nature of seeds, but I would say around half of them sprouted for me (or maybe I was just impatient, idk).

  306. Melanie (verified owner)

  307. Amy (verified owner)

    Seeds germinated very quickly.

  308. Emily (verified owner)

    More than pleased with the seeds, I’ll definitely purchase from this shop, again!

  309. brice (verified owner)

  310. Roberta (verified owner)

    Good instructions came with the seeds for germinating. Well packaged, fast shipping thank you

  311. Spencer (verified owner)

  312. mandyferrara (verified owner)

  313. churkle (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly and seeds arrived in great condition!

  314. Kyle (verified owner)

  315. Leandra Gantzer (verified owner)

    Seeds came fast and look healthy. Can’t wait to plant them!

  316. Cheyan (verified owner)

  317. Deerly Nostalgic (verified owner)

    amazing! planted them the day I got them (about 5 days ago) and already have a few small sprouts!

  318. Ryan (verified owner)

    Never germinated after over a month.

  319. Amberlynne (verified owner)

    The product arrived in great shape, exactly as advertised. Can’t wait to plant them! Shipping took a little longer than expected because the first shipment got lost, but they sent out a replacement quickly!

  320. pinkangel420 (verified owner)

  321. rebecca (verified owner)

    only one seed sprouted :C

  322. Heather (verified owner)

  323. Jim (verified owner)

    Thank You I really appreciate it..Great Job again thank you.
    San Francisco Ca.

  324. Theresa (verified owner)

    the seeds did not sprout

  325. Maxine (verified owner)

  326. Teresa (verified owner)

    Great seeds! I have made some germination and growing mistakes at first but there is enough seed for me to try. Overall great germination and now I have around 10 healthy young plants!

  327. Moon (verified owner)

    customer service is great! mine got lost in the mail and they sent me a replacement 🤎

  328. Amanda (verified owner)

  329. Naason (verified owner)

    Great product, a few seeds came broken but it’s fine

  330. darcylwise (verified owner)

  331. Melissa (verified owner)

  332. A. (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived safely packaged with thorough instructions on care! 🙂

  333. Celeste (verified owner)

  334. Jennifer Nguyen (verified owner)

  335. Lauren (verified owner)

  336. Richard J. (verified owner)

  337. Fern (verified owner)

  338. Anne (verified owner)

  339. Chris (verified owner)

    Just recieved them today. I will plant them this week!

  340. Brandi (verified owner)

  341. Ivie (verified owner)

  342. Alex (verified owner)

  343. Todd (verified owner)

  344. Michelle (verified owner)

    When my first batch didn’t germinate, the seller was kind enough to send me another 10 seeds. The second time I used the paper towel method to germinate — almost all of them have germinated. So grateful to the seller!

  345. Yasmin (verified owner)

    I haven’t sprouted them yet, but I got the seeds according to the description (I even got a few extra seeds!) I’m pretty happy with it

  346. Faromyrrh01 (verified owner)

    so excited to start these.

  347. Yang (verified owner)

  348. Joyce (verified owner)

    Recieved fast. I just put it down on soil

  349. Serenity (verified owner)

  350. Christina (verified owner)

    Item arrived and intact 👍🏽💪🏽 great seller communication

  351. Kerri (verified owner)

    I contacted the shop because my seeds hadn’t arrived. He graciously offered a refund or a replacement. I opted for the replacement. The next day the seeds arrived. The customer service was amazing and I am just figuring out the best way to pay for the replacement

  352. Sierra (verified owner)

  353. Kaye (verified owner)

    received on time. planted and waiting for it to grow. thank you

  354. Dakota (verified owner)

    Seller was amazing when I contacted about delayed shipping, super sweet and very helpful and they came in looking perfect!!! can’t wait to plant!

  355. KAY (verified owner)

    Good quality seeds matched the description seed met my expectations

  356. Sarah’s Seedlings and Plants (verified owner)

    Seeds took a little longer than expected, but at no fault to the seller. They arrived in perfect condition with wonderful instructions. Thank you so much!

  357. Fern (verified owner)

  358. Cerah (verified owner)

    thank you seeds look good

  359. jmcclark (verified owner)

  360. Brandon (verified owner)

  361. i3uc5kmbo45x14j2 (verified owner)

    Delivered as expected. Have not tried to sprout. Will update as I do.

  362. Fern (verified owner)

  363. Debi (verified owner)

    This seller is 10 stars awesome .Shipping is fast and I cant wait to try these !!Thank you so much .✌❤🤓

  364. Ellie (verified owner)

    Sellers instructions were incredibly helpful and seeds shipped fast!

  365. Karina (verified owner)

    great packing, great quality. planted a few

  366. Justin (verified owner)

    The shipping was fast! The item was in great condition! Looking forward to growing them!

  367. Vicki (verified owner)

    got seeds ok but to early tell how how they sprout look to be fine

  368. Kenzie (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service! Super excited to start growing a new plant!

  369. Elliot (verified owner)

  370. Sign in with Apple user (verified owner)

    Late review, but my seeds arrived on time and in excellent condition. About 95% of the seeds sprouted.

  371. Alexa (verified owner)

  372. Slug (verified owner)

    My seeds haven’t germinated yet but they arrived in great condition! I look forward to watching these grow!

  373. Taylor (verified owner)

  374. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Nice seeds hope they grow

  375. unsinkmbrown (verified owner)

    Item just as described with excellent instructions on germinating

  376. Megan (verified owner)

  377. Ray (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived in perfect condition with instructions on the best way to germinate them.

  378. Joe Shane (verified owner)

    Great packaging, fast shipping. A++

  379. Melissa (verified owner)

  380. Sarah (verified owner)

  381. Dylan (verified owner)

    Came in a nice envelope and good instructions how to prepare the seeds to sprout them

  382. abpersonality (verified owner)

    Seeds came quickly! I can’t wait to plant these!

  383. Kayoko (verified owner)

  384. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

    nice seeds quickly shipped thank you!! packaged very well!

  385. Gena (verified owner)

    Seeds came undamaged and healthy. I’m hoping to start growing them soon.

  386. Toss (verified owner)

    Thanks for the seeds! Yippie!

  387. Emme (verified owner)

  388. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Item arrived on time packed well and in very good condition.

  389. jacqueline weller (verified owner)

    Fast ship – Excellent item already have 3 little starts coming up! Very pleased!

  390. Tori (verified owner)

    We have not planted our seeds yet, but I wanted to say that the seller was very responsive when the mail service was slow. I have favorited their page based on this transaction alone!

  391. David (verified owner)

    Seeds arrived in good condition, just fewer than expected.I ordered 100 seeds, received 64. Normally I wouldn’t have counted, but it was obviously less than 100 and I was curious. Shipping was about 4 days slower than expected, but these just came in a normal stamped envelope, so could have just been the post office.

    Seller did include directions for germinating, which was nice.

    Update: Seller quickly responded and issued a refund for the mistake of sending a ‘50 pack’ instead of the 100 ordered. 5 star customer service!

  392. Serenity (verified owner)

  393. Leighton (verified owner)

    Item arrived in sturdy packaging, and a non-machinable envelope so the seeds don’t get squished.

    The seeds arrived in perfect condition.

    Package arrived a little late, but not at the fault of the seller. I understand that USPS is pretty backed up right now.

  394. Amy (verified owner)

  395. Sarah (verified owner)

    Update: Initially I was disappointed by the low germination rate and expressed that in my review update. Michael responded immediately with intent to help me figure out what went wrong, as well as optimize the potential of the seeds. He’s very knowledgeable and very willing to help customers. Buy from this seller, because if you have any problems, he will give his all to provide you with the best solution. Thank you Michael!

    The seeds look good. Michael shipped my order immediately. The delivery was delayed which is on USPS. Michael was very helpful with this issue.

    The seeds are planted. I will update this review when I see some seedlings 🌱

  396. Danielle (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to plant these!

  397. Kirsten (verified owner)

    Delighted! Seeds arrived well-packed. Grateful for the wonderful customer service.

  398. qhuynh14 (verified owner)

  399. John (verified owner)

    The shipment was quick and communication clear.

  400. Milinda (verified owner)

    The seeds look great! I can’t wait to plant them! thank you so much

  401. Katrina (verified owner)

  402. April Billingsley (verified owner)

    I have shopped around for these seeds for a very long time! This product has exceeded my expectations in so many ways!!! Thanks a million!!

  403. SARAH (verified owner)

  404. rschwarz1336 (verified owner)

  405. Estefania (verified owner)

  406. Pam (verified owner)

  407. Izzy (verified owner)

  408. KC (verified owner)

    Item as decribed. Fast shipping. Excellent seller. Pleasure to deal with.

  409. Christine (verified owner)

  410. ViolinistKitten (verified owner)

    thank you so much for the instructions, i never would have thought about that

  411. Kelly (verified owner)

    I recieved the seeds in a timely manner during the busiest shipping season of the year. I messaged about the seeds being late, and the seller was very helpful. I put a few seeds in soil 2 days ago and I have germination starting already. The only down side to this purchase was, I ordered 50 seeds and there were only 48 to come in, but I dont mind (I would lose just as many from lack of germination anyhow). Thank you for the great experience.

  412. Vicky (verified owner)

    very well packaged seeds with care instructions and great padding. you can tell the seller takes great care in merchandise.

  413. Man I Love Frogs (verified owner)

    Ive bought from this seller several times and I’ve always been pleased with the products and customer service! Highly recommend!

  414. Juliana (verified owner)

    I got them. not let’s see how they grow.

  415. Austin (verified owner)

  416. Rachel (verified owner)

  417. Sovereign (verified owner)

    Great Customer Service, The Shipping was deso (decent). Will buy more seeds again if need II.

  418. SARAH (verified owner)

  419. Andrea (verified owner)

    Mailed perfectly with directions. Great costumer service.

  420. Noe (verified owner)

  421. Mallory (verified owner)

    Already coming up after only a week❤️
    Great tips for starting as well!

  422. Cassandra (verified owner)

    Had shipping issues that were unrelated to seller. Seller was prompt in replies and replacement of purchase. Finally got my seeds and they were packed with care. Very satisfied with product and the experience. Great product.

  423. Marissa (verified owner)

    I’ve already gotten 2 to sprout! Very cool

  424. GJ (verified owner)

  425. Rylie (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service! I got my seeds today and they look perfect! I highly recommend this shop.

  426. Shaundra (verified owner)

    These seeds never sprouted, however upon my initial review the seller got in contact and offered to replace or refund, and refunded me promptly!

  427. Holley (verified owner)

  428. John Byrne (verified owner)

  429. James (verified owner)

  430. Emilee (verified owner)

    great seeds. haven’t planted yet but excited for when i do

  431. Nathan (verified owner)

    shipped fast and with accuracy

  432. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

    Came to me very healthy and ready to be planted.

  433. Jorge (verified owner)

  434. Will (verified owner)

  435. Killian (verified owner)

    I purchased the 500 pack. I planted 366 of them shortly after getting the them in the mail. I did a soak in the seeds for 24 hours before planting. Within 48 hours of sowing the seed in a 72 cell tray, I have almost 24 that are tall and more than a dozen more ones starting to sprout. I highly recommend these seeds and seller, just buy a large pack of them if you are wanting more than a couple plants.

  436. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

    The seed looked healthy. My grand-daughter planted them, now we will wait and see how they grow. I am sure they will be beautiful.

  437. Teddie (verified owner)

    Came in way earlier! Can’t wait to plant them!

  438. Madelyn (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and good amount of seeds to plant!

  439. Clint (verified owner)

    Great seeds.
    Fast shipping.

  440. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

    I got a sprout with in 3 days of planting. ☺️
    I am happy

  441. Kate (verified owner)

    Very excited to grow these. I had this lovely plant where I lived before. Arrived quickly and as expected.

  442. AlertedP19 (verified owner)

    Came really quick and my friends are gonna love it as a gift. Can’t wait to plant this!

  443. Roodie (verified owner)

    The Mimosa Pudina seeds have received on time. Thank you…the seeds are dry and in good conditions.

    I will pass this on to my friends that are asking me where did I buy the seeds.

    My friends have told me how good these medicinal plant gives lot of health benefits to our body.


  444. Patrycja (verified owner)

  445. Inactive Etsy Member (verified owner)

  446. Vivian (verified owner)

    Seeds came fast and they are exactly what I ordered, im sure they are viable as they do not appear old or anything but unfortunately I have too many seedlings growing right now so I haven’t been able to find room to get any of these started. This shop does have great prices though and I’m happy to have been able to add these to my collection as they are one of my favorites.

  447. Sterling (verified owner)

  448. Molly (verified owner)

    Item arrive quickly! Just planted a small amount of the seeds 4 days ago and I already have one that sprouted.

  449. Tessa (verified owner)

    The seeds arrived! They look healthy and got here fast! I can’t wait to plant them with my kids!

  450. Melany (verified owner)

    Exactly what is mentioned and came quickly

  451. Chelsey (verified owner)

  452. Kayla (verified owner)

    The first set of seeds never showed up and seller was quick to send out more! Can’t wait to plant them!

  453. Skylee (verified owner)

    I was so excited for these, but I only had one seed out of ten sprout.

  454. seh1991 (verified owner)

    Seller was fast to answer questions! Would buy again.

  455. Kate (verified owner)

    I received them very quickly. They were as described. Will buy more. 🙂

  456. Lorri Carr (verified owner)

    Perfect, seeds arrived fast, nicely packaged – good seller!

  457. md65tqls (verified owner)

    There was more than I expected. Although very few grew but the growth is strong! it depends on how you know how to grow from seeds indoors which is something I’m doing.

  458. jmlandolfi (verified owner)

  459. Lina (verified owner)

    they shipped super fast and at a perfect time! they came in great condition!

  460. Sammy (verified owner)

  461. Bonnie (verified owner)


  462. Joseph (verified owner)

  463. Amber (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, and great price as well. I can’t wait to get these little guys ready to add to the plant family!

  464. Estefania (verified owner)

    I received more seeds than I expected which is great! And when I had problems germinating the seller gave me really helpful tips!

  465. bakstudio (verified owner)

  466. Ryan (verified owner)

    Seller responded very quickly and was very pleasant to talk to. So excited to grow these shy plants!!! Planning on making them into gifts for my coworkers! Thank you so much!!!

  467. Kevin (verified owner)

  468. Sandy (verified owner)

    Iwill not be planting until spring but these seeds look perfect!

  469. Andrea (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Will def. order again!

  470. orualny21 (verified owner)

  471. Sylvia (verified owner)

    These are exactly what I was looking for. Just great!!!

  472. Liv (verified owner)

    Came super quickly!! thank you!

  473. Brenna (verified owner)

  474. Allie (verified owner)

    they arrived fast and wonderful! give them a lot of time to grow i found that this little girl has taken a month or two to get this big, but she’s loosing her seed leaves finally! overall a lovely seller and beautiful plant

  475. Tara (verified owner)

  476. cesar (verified owner)

  477. whitney (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Didn’t germinate. Unsure if it was me or the seeds.

  478. Paul (verified owner)

    Seeds look great and arrived fast.
    Wish there was some instructions on care. Planted them will see if they grow.

  479. Debi (verified owner)

    These seeds actually got here like over a week ago super fast shipping …I am excited to see if I can grow these .I got a super plan for these babies to get going .Thank you for just a perfect experience .100% recommend and I will order again.✌💛🤓

  480. Jenny Davis (verified owner)

    shipping fast, seeds packaged nicely, waiting to plant

  481. Sandy (verified owner)

    This supplier has gone above and beyond with service. Products are exactly what I wanted. Shipment was prompt and excellent!

  482. Colette (verified owner)

    The shipping was super fast and the seeds are already sprouting the cute little leaves at move 😍

  483. Samuel (verified owner)

  484. Thomas (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly with a few extra seeds! Many thanks 🙂

  485. Jessica (verified owner)

    My seeds didn’t germinate, but the seller was quick to respond and make things right with me. I appreciate the fast and friendly customer service and will try again in the future.

  486. Angie (verified owner)

  487. Thomas (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and safely with a few extra. Many thanks can’t wait to see them sprout 🙂

  488. JoAnna (verified owner)

    seeds did not germinate, seem old.

  489. Sunny Day (verified owner)

  490. Sydni (verified owner)

    I planted them the day after they arrived. They have been in a greenhouse type enclosure since potting and still have not sprouted. I’ve tried multiple ways now with no sign of life.

  491. Fatima (verified owner)

    Item as described thanks fast shipping

  492. Meredith (verified owner)

    Packaged great and received on time

  493. Evan McTague (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and the seeds are what they’re claimed to be.

  494. AnnieTsui (verified owner)

  495. Elizabeth (verified owner)

  496. Karen (verified owner)

    Above and beyond. My first envelope got lost in the mail so they sent me another one. One has already sprouted! Thank you so much!!

  497. Tuma (verified owner)

    Just amazing as always! They always send more than advertised!!!

  498. connormckeever (verified owner)

    Came quick and as noted!

  499. Logan (verified owner)

    Item came as described and in good condition.

  500. Naomi IyaOsunbola (verified owner)

    Great customer service and quick delivery! I am excited to get gardening 😁

  501. meganjoyyyy (verified owner)

    I purchased on July 19th, it is now August 3, there’s no tracking on my package so I don’t know if it’s lost or what the status is. I will update my review once more information is provided from the seller!

  502. Theresa (verified owner)

    USPS lost the first order, but they sent another super quickly after being notified. Amazing service, now hopefully I can get them to grow!

  503. charestmaryse (verified owner)

    My original order got lost in the mail. When I reached out, the seller was quick to respond and sent a replacement right away. Excellent customer service!

  504. angellina (verified owner)

  505. coinmoms (verified owner)

    came fast thank you very much

  506. Ciera (verified owner)

  507. michelle (verified owner)

    seeds arrived safe and sound. I loved the paper used to wrap the seeds in the letter. Speedy shipping. I am just waiting for them to start growing.

  508. Lucy (verified owner)

  509. Ryan (verified owner)

  510. Yoong (verified owner)

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